"We work to evolve, to break new ground, while remaining true to our values and our personality.

We seek to excite through subtlety. To make people vibrate with the harmony between product and technique. To achieve balance.

We build from common sense, guided by our concerns and in line with our personality.

We are driven by the concern that our cuisine is authentic, that it respects the rhythms of the environment. Because from our small cosmos we are committed to preserving the territory by carrying out a more sustainable gastronomy, closer to balance".

David Yárnoz, chef of Molino de Urdániz

David Yárnoz

David is a cook with his own identity, restless and obsessed with finding a well-made kitchen. For this reason, his cuisine has evolved with sense, he is thoughtful, away from fashions and conventions, but always seeking balance and his own emotions.
They say of him that he is capable of making impossible and stunning harmonies, which stands out for his sensitivity and creative lucidity.
From the hand of his mentor, Luis Irizar, he discovered his passion for cooking, and then he went through different restaurants of recognized prestige until he took over, in 2004, the kitchen of the family restaurant, Molino de Urdániz, and there he began his small culinary revolution.
A reference in the cuisine of Navarra and our country, it has two Michelin stars and two Repsol soles.

The environment, the colors, the game with wild herbs and buds, the changes of the landscape with the cycle of the seasons, the soft light, the warm space are present in each of David Yárnoz’s creations.

Restaurante Revelación en Madrid Fusión 2004
Tuber 2007
Fisrt estrella Michelín 2007
Tourism Award Reyno de Navarra 2009
Premio Gastronómico “El Hortelano” 2009
Young businessman Navarro Relevo Generacional 2009
Cófrade de Honor del Espárrago David Yárnoz 2009
Gastronomic Society Recognition Napardi in their LX anniversary 2014
Olive Oil Cofrade of Honor 2014
Cintruénigo City Council Gastronomy Award 2017
Outstanding Gourmet Award 2018
Second Estrella Michelín 2018
Award Ser Navarra a la Gastronomía 2019
Olivo de Plata 2019
Annual Award of the the Navarran Gastronomic Academy 2019
Cofrade de Honor del Espárrago Molino de Urdániz 2019
Cofrade de Honor del Relleno de Navarra 2020
Founding member of the Restaurant Association del Reyno
Currently he holds 2 Suns in the Repsol Guide