Molino de Urdániz is David Yárnoz’s signature cuisine proposal recognized with two MICHELIN stars and two Repsol Suns.


With an in-depth look at the products of the territory and using the most innovative techniques, the chef presents at Molino de Urdániz a menu with its own identity, elegant and sophisticated. In balance with his personality and with his team. With the environment. It is a tasting menu called “Classics and Evolution”, made up of 14 steps that represent the perfect harmony between some of David’s classic dishes and other more recent ones from Molino de Urdániz.

Classics and Evolution” shows the origins of the restaurant through some of the most representative dishes of its history such as “Paprika caramel stuffed with txistorra” or “Osmotized cucumber, oyster cream, herbs and lactic notes”. The backbone of the menu is Evolution, and for this reason it includes other more recent proposals such as “Crab on an almond cream” or “Tartar of roe deer, parsnip, mustard, marrow and glazed tendon”

Enjoying this menu is a journey full of discoveries.
Of harmony.
Balance between enjoyment and emotion.